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      1. LP215個性化數碼標簽打印機

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        Compact enough to sit on a desktop, the LP215 prints onto a vast array of die-cut, matrix removed and retained media as well as continuous roll substrates. A unique digital label solution that is ideal for short to medium production runs, printing up to 2,000 labels in less than 20 minutes.
        Supplied with easy to use label management software for drag and drop design layouts, imposition of PDF graphics and complete job costing. Adding iVDP (optional) for variable data printing will expand your print customization offering.
        Buying links

        ? Food and beverage packaging

        ? Cosmetics and personal care products

        ? Pharmaceutical and healthcare

        ? Logistics and transport

        ? Industrial chemical and special product labeling

        ? Horticultural tagging

        ? Multi-language print jobs and personalization